What is SalesGoals Online CRM?

SalesGoals Online CRM - Calendar Planner

SalesGoals Online CRM – Calendar Planner

Are you using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Salesforce Automation tool today? CRM With so many online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to choose from, what makes SalesGoals Online CRM stand out? After investing time in a given CRM solution, why would someone decide to switch?

In a word, “salespeople”.

SalesGoals was designed with the salesperson in mind. And feedback from our users confirm it. There is no better tool for the actual people who are doing the selling.

The next few articles will provide an introduction into the SalesGoals CRM system. We hope you’ll decide to give it a try. We believe, after just a small investment of your time, you’ll agree that switching to SalesGoals is smart decision for both salespeople and small business owners..

Before we dig into the details about how to use the tool, let’s stop for a minute to consider the role of CRM. What do you really want from a CRM tool?

In many cases, CRM applications are chosen by a technology person or a business person to help improve the sales of a business. This is a good decision, as many studies have shown that good sales discipline, including the use of CRM, can have a tremendous impact in improving sales. The benefits can evaporate, however, if the CRM tool does not actually help the salespeople do their jobs. Good salespeople have found ways of getting the job done, and forcing them to use a tool that doesn’t meet their needs actually creates more problems than it solves.

This is where SalesGoals comes in. SalesGoals Online CRM is designed to help salespeople stay in contact with their prospects and customers. It helps them plan their activities, follow up, and make sure they are on top of their business.

And that’s it. SalesGoals CRM does not try to be everything to everyone. It does not look to act as a data repository for every business element someone wants to track. It doesn’t try to manage social media or act as an inventory management system. It is a sales tool for sales force automation and customer relationship management..

SalesGoals is a new, online, CRM designed with the salesperson in mind. It helps you manage your relationship with your customers and prospective clients while helping you keep track and maintain a better relationship with your sales team. In a nutshell, SalesGoals will help you work together, quickly communicate action items and follow up tasks that lead to great results.

Salesgoals is also a fantastic new online solution for independent salespeople and small companies to help manage contacts, track your follow-up activity, and stay up to date while traveling. It also has both iPhone and Android platforms covered to support your outbound team.

In later posts, we’ll elaborate on each of the primary pages in SalesGoals. These pages are listed below:



Here, you will be able to view the current status of metrics as well as key performance indicators of all activities in your organization. A summary of information that monitor the sales activity of your team and your company. You can also track Sales Performance and view all active tasks for the day.

Using the dashboard charts for feedback, you’ll be able to correct your course before it is too late to keep your pipeline full. Or, even better, you’ll be able to exceed past performances to earn record bonuses.

Online CRM Software Dashboard


Action Page

The Action Page lists the tasks you have added to your calendar on the Planning Page. It is a tool to help you to remember the events you have planned for the day and quickly work through them. You can also see items that were forgotten from previous days, to ensure that no follow up items remain undone.

Our automatic activity tracking will help you recognize when your business development activities lag.


Action Page

  1. Track your previous activity and engagement by clicking on the previous day button. All activities from the previous days will be displayed on the page.
  2. Check your next activity by clicking on the next day button. All plans and engagement can be located on the action page.
  3. Click on the past due activity to edit and re-schedule your engagements that has due.


If you missed your schedule for the day you have set the event, you can move and schedule your appointment for the next day. Click on the contacts in the past due and a new window panel will pop-up to edit your appointment.


Deal Page

Monitor all your customers and clients and turn your leads into deals. All your deals can be tracked and monitor the status of your sales. You can add and create your deals in less than a minute.

How to work on with this page, here’s the process:


  1. You can view all your deals from everyone or to an specific person by filtering and select person’s name from the drop down button in the left upper corner.
  2. Select period of time for all the deals closed, lost or won.
  3. To view the other status of your transaction you can select chart by Probability, Status, Sales and Sales projection. Selecting by Probability it will display the graph percentage of your sales. You can also view from selecting the status of the initiated, Preparing Offer, Offer Submitted, Won, Offer Rejected and Lost deals. Sales Projections show the statistic results every month of your sales.
  4. You can add a new deals by clicking on ‘Create New’ button. And fill all the deals information and status and the amount of your deals.
  5. Click ‘Show Hidden’ button to view all the contacts and the map location of  your deals from the contacts.
  6. Clicking on the Map is to show all the locations and active deals contacts.

Your deals are structured according to each stage of your sales process. You can view the status of your sales from lost deals, Offer rejected, initiated, Preparing Offer, Offer submitted, to closed won, with the corresponding color for hot, warm, cold deals.


At the bottom of the graph, you can see the list of your entries from your sales pipeline. You can also see the details of your sales value with the expected closing date.


Product Page

Your product can be monitor with the Salesgoals CRM. You can track your deals for each products of your contacts.

You can add and edit your product code by simply doing this step:


  1. Click the pencil icon under the code column and enter the code for your product.
  2. To enter the identification code of your product by clicking on the pencil icon from the SKU column.
  3. You can edit the title of your product by clicking directly it’s respective title name. You can do it as well in the price and the description of your product.
  4. To view the information on your product, click on the ‘i’ button and you can also use this to edit your product.
  5. You can also click on the pencil icon to edit your product.
  6. You can hide the product by clicking on the circle next to the pencil icon.
  7. Delete the product by clicking on the ‘x’ icon.
  8. You can do currency conversion by clicking on the dollar sign.



Statistic Page

It is a visual graph of the status from the activity of your sales and monitor all the development from your contacts, deals and products. You can view each type of contacts and view in a different representation of graph.Statistics

  1. By pointing the mouse pointer to the diagram you can see the corresponding value of each represented color.
  2. Click on the contacts to view the statistic report of your contacts for the active and inactive, and the percentage of completed and not.
  3. Click on deals to view the status of your hot, cold and warm deals.
  4. By clicking on the product you can view the percentage of your active and in active products.
  5. You can also view the data in different charts you can use the pie, graph or the column charts.


Reports Page

You can document all of your activities by exporting the data. You can keep your record and export to CSV file or outlook from the specific time and the activity of your week.


  1. Click on the previous and next arrow button to export the activity during that week and choose the file you wanted to export to.
  2. Or select custom range and click on the date you want to save on your file.

With Salesgoals, your leads can easily pass and qualified into sales. You can track your daily activity and manage your time to follow up schedules and hit the target. With the integrated iPhone applications where you can put your sales on your phone. You can view the location through google maps display on your contacts with auto correction of the address to reduce travel time and fuel cost. Plan your week with the goals to win the day!