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What is SalesGoals Online CRM?

Are you using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Salesforce Automation tool today? CRM With so many online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to choose from, what makes SalesGoals Online CRM stand out? After investing time in a given CRM solution, why would someone decide to switch? In a word, “salespeople”. SalesGoals was designed with […]


Here, you will be able to view the current status of metrics as well as key performance indicators of all activities in your organization. A summary of information that monitor the sales activity of your team and your company. You can also track Sales Performance and view all active tasks for the day. Using the […]


Who are you selling to? When will you meet with them? The Planning Page helps your sales team to think about what they want to accomplish for the week. They can plan out their activities in advance and optimize their calendar for success. To setup an item on your calendar, follow these simple steps: Locate […]

Action Page

The Action Page lists the tasks you have added to your calendar on the Planning Page. It is a tool to help you to remember the events you have planned for the day and quickly work through them. You can also see items that were forgotten from previous days, to ensure that no follow up […]

Contact Page

Keep all your contacts updated and help your sales team to keep them on track. You can easily add and edit all the information of your contacts with the integrated google maps display, addresses are checked and automatically corrected for you. There are two ways to add contacts on CRM either add them manually or […]

Deal Page

Monitor all your customers and clients and turn your leads into deals. All your deals can be tracked and monitor the status of your sales. You can add and create your deals in less than a minute. How to work on with this page, here’s the process: You can view all your deals from everyone […]

Product Page

Your product can be monitor with the Salesgoals CRM. You can track your deals for each products of your contacts. You can add and edit your product code by simply doing this step: Click the pencil icon under the code column and enter the code for your product. To enter the identification code of your […]

Statistic Page

It is a visual graph of the status from the activity of your sales and monitor all the development from your contacts, deals and products. You can view each type of contacts and view in a different representation of graph. By pointing the mouse pointer to the diagram you can see the corresponding value of […]

Reports Page

You can document all of your activities by exporting the data. You can keep your record and export to CSV file or outlook from the specific time and the activity of your week. Click on the previous and next arrow button to export the activity during that week and choose the file you wanted to […]