What is SalesGoals Online CRM?

SalesGoals Online CRM - Calendar Planner

SalesGoals Online CRM – Calendar Planner

Are you using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Salesforce Automation tool today? CRM With so many online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to choose from, what makes SalesGoals Online CRM stand out? After investing time in a given CRM solution, why would someone decide to switch?

In a word, “salespeople”.

SalesGoals was designed with the salesperson in mind. And feedback from our users confirm it. There is no better tool for the actual people who are doing the selling.

The next few articles will provide an introduction into the SalesGoals CRM system. We hope you’ll decide to give it a try. We believe, after just a small investment of your time, you’ll agree that switching to SalesGoals is smart decision for both salespeople and small business owners..

Before we dig into the details about how to use the tool, let’s stop for a minute to consider the role of CRM. What do you really want from a CRM tool?

In many cases, CRM applications are chosen by a technology person or a business person to help improve the sales of a business. This is a good decision, as many studies have shown that good sales discipline, including the use of CRM, can have a tremendous impact in improving sales. The benefits can evaporate, however, if the CRM tool does not actually help the salespeople do their jobs. Good salespeople have found ways of getting the job done, and forcing them to use a tool that doesn’t meet their needs actually creates more problems than it solves.

This is where SalesGoals comes in. SalesGoals Online CRM is designed to help salespeople stay in contact with their prospects and customers. It helps them plan their activities, follow up, and make sure they are on top of their business.

And that’s it. SalesGoals CRM does not try to be everything to everyone. It does not look to act as a data repository for every business element someone wants to track. It doesn’t try to manage social media or act as an inventory management system. It is a sales tool for sales force automation and customer relationship management..

SalesGoals is a new, online, CRM designed with the salesperson in mind. It helps you manage your relationship with your customers and prospective clients while helping you keep track and maintain a better relationship with your sales team. In a nutshell, SalesGoals will help you work together, quickly communicate action items and follow up tasks that lead to great results.

Salesgoals is also a fantastic new online solution for independent salespeople and small companies to help manage contacts, track your follow-up activity, and stay up to date while traveling. It also has both iPhone and Android platforms covered to support your outbound team.

In later posts, we’ll elaborate on each of the primary pages in SalesGoals. These pages are listed below: