Product Page

Your product can be monitor with the Salesgoals CRM. You can track your deals for each products of your contacts.

You can add and edit your product code by simply doing this step:


  1. Click the pencil icon under the code column and enter the code for your product.
  2. To enter the identification code of your product by clicking on the pencil icon from the SKU column.
  3. You can edit the title of your product by clicking directly it’s respective title name. You can do it as well in the price and the description of your product.
  4. To view the information on your product, click on the ‘i’ button and you can also use this to edit your product.
  5. You can also click on the pencil icon to edit your product.
  6. You can hide the product by clicking on the circle next to the pencil icon.
  7. Delete the product by clicking on the ‘x’ icon.
  8. You can do currency conversion by clicking on the dollar sign.