Who are you selling to? When will you meet with them? The Planning Page helps your sales team to think about what they want to accomplish for the week. They can plan out their activities in advance and optimize their calendar for success.

To setup an item on your calendar, follow these simple steps:

Calendar add

  1. Locate the contact in the contacts pane on the left. If you have too many contacts and cannot see your item, you can use the quick search bar to rapidly find your contact.
  2. Drag the contact to the day on which you want to engage with the customer.
  3. When you release the mouse button, the contact will show a pop up window. This window will let you select the type of communication you will have with the contact. For example, you can send an email, make a phone call, do an online presentation, or visit the customer in person.
  4. You can view all of your contacts by clicking on ‘Mine’ button, all contacts that have been saved by You will display on the panel.
  5. You can add contacts on the planning page by clicking on  the plus (+) sign, you can add and create contacts without closing the page and go to another page just to add your contacts.
  6. You can map all your contacts by clicking on the navigation icon next to the plus sign to display all your contacts in the map.

Thinking about  how to organize the activities and how to achieve a desired goals. Set your schedule and plan your activity by simply dragging the contacts to add to the calendar display and save the day for the events. Track your daily appointments with the addresses that automatically map to the location.

Organize your calendar based on client location to reduce travel time and fuel costs. And view location on integrated Google Maps display to plan your week.