Deal Page

Monitor all your customers and clients and turn your leads into deals. All your deals can be tracked and monitor the status of your sales. You can add and create your deals in less than a minute.

How to work on with this page, here’s the process:


  1. You can view all your deals from everyone or to an specific person by filtering and select person’s name from the drop down button in the left upper corner.
  2. Select period of time for all the deals closed, lost or won.
  3. To view the other status of your transaction you can select chart by Probability, Status, Sales and Sales projection. Selecting by Probability it will display the graph percentage of your sales. You can also view from selecting the status of the initiated, Preparing Offer, Offer Submitted, Won, Offer Rejected and Lost deals. Sales Projections show the statistic results every month of your sales.
  4. You can add a new deals by clicking on ‘Create New’ button. And fill all the deals information and status and the amount of your deals.
  5. Click ‘Show Hidden’ button to view all the contacts and the map location of  your deals from the contacts.
  6. Clicking on the Map is to show all the locations and active deals contacts.

Your deals are structured according to each stage of your sales process. You can view the status of your sales from lost deals, Offer rejected, initiated, Preparing Offer, Offer submitted, to closed won, with the corresponding color for hot, warm, cold deals.


At the bottom of the graph, you can see the list of your entries from your sales pipeline. You can also see the details of your sales value with the expected closing date.