Contact Page

Keep all your contacts updated and help your sales team to keep them on track. You can easily add and edit all the information of your contacts with the integrated google maps display, addresses are checked and automatically corrected for you.

There are two ways to add contacts on CRM either add them manually or add multiple contacts at once by importing contacts from CSV file.

For adding contacts in the CRM, here’s the steps:

Add contacts

  1. For manually adding a contact, click the green ‘New’ button and it will bring you to the create new contact page and fill all the information and click the ‘save’ button for saving your contacts.
  2. Adding contacts in multiple simply click on the ‘import’ button and browse the file from your computer. Please be ensured that by importing the file should be in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

There are more active tools can be found on the Contact page, it is not just limited by adding and importing the contacts. You can also use the other functions such as showing and hiding the contact information, assign, delete and Merge contacts or add contacts directly to the calendar to schedule the contacts for a meeting or an event.

How these tools work, here are the process:


  1. To show more information about your contacts, tick the box on the left corner of the contact person and click on the ‘show hidden’  button. Once been clicked it will show you the Map and the location of your contacts.
  2. To hide your contacts from the page you have to tick the name of the contacts and clicked on the ‘Hide’ button and the pop question will appear to ask you for a confirmation once been confirmed your contacts will be deactivated.
  3. By ticking the box and clicking the ‘Add calendar’ button you don’t have to close the contact page and go to the planning page to schedule an event. You can use the button to an engagement.
  4. To assign a contact to another sales representative, you can tick the name of the customer and click on the ‘Assign’ button and select the person’s name of your sales team.
  5. In merging two contacts tick the names of the contacts and clicked on the ‘Merge’ button and the pop-up window will appear for a confirmation and clicked on the red button to successfully merge the contacts.
  6. By clicking on the ‘delete’ button contacts will be deleted from the database.
  7. For exporting the contacts you can tick on the box in the upper left corner of the page to export all the contacts, or search the owner of the contacts in the right upper corner to filter the contacts that belongs to you or the contacts from your sales team. Click on the ‘Export’ button and save the file to Excel or Outlook.
  8. You can view and filter the contacts by each owner, in a search box type the name of the owner and click on the funnel icon next to the red ‘x’ button.

In the Actions column of the page you can click on each button to view more information or edit, hide, or to delete contacts.


  1. By clicking the ‘i’ button it contains the overview of the contact information, map, notes, deals, Activity and Tags. You can edit information from the overview page, and view the mapping address of the contacts. Add and delete notes, show all the details of your deals, track all the activity and Add tags for keywords.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the information from your contact, view deals from selected period of time and view activity, notes and the status of the contact.
  3. You can also hide the contact from clicking the circle button next to the pencil icon and,
  4. Click on the ‘x’ button to delete the contact.
  5. When you closed the deals you can call

Tagging is to give identification of your contacts, so you can easily identify with the given keywords. You can also change the type of each contacts to a particular class or category (ex. Customer, Leads, Prospect, Former Customer, Staff or a Vendor). You can make your contacts in private and limit your team to view your contacts from the list.

Do not forget to tick the box in every action you do for every contacts.

Maintain your contacts updated and connect them through your iPhone. While on the road you can keep in touch with your customer and keep all the notes and follow up in your phone.