Action Page

The Action Page lists the tasks you have added to your calendar on the Planning Page. It is a tool to help you to remember the events you have planned for the day and quickly work through them. You can also see items that were forgotten from previous days, to ensure that no follow up items remain undone.

Our automatic activity tracking will help you recognize when your business development activities lag.


Action Page

  1. Track your previous activity and engagement by clicking on the previous day button. All activities from the previous days will be displayed on the page.
  2. Check your next activity by clicking on the next day button. All plans and engagement can be located on the action page.
  3. Click on the past due activity to edit and re-schedule your engagements that has due.


If you missed your schedule for the day you have set the event, you can move and schedule your appointment for the next day. Click on the contacts in the past due and a new window panel will pop-up to edit your appointment.